About K.A.S

Kenneth A. Shabazz is a 66-year-old negro man who has always been in search to find out who he is. Having questions like: Why did Slavery exist? Why does every other nation (Caucasian, Asian, etc.) know who they are but my people don’t? Why are we the ones that’s always struggling? Questions like these are what helped Kenneth continue on his search to find himself. With his original name being Kenneth T. Ragin and after coming back home from fighting in the Vietnam War, he decided to become a member of the Nation of Islam; there, is where the last name “Shabazz” came from. Kenneth would always say “I never wanted the last name of a white man”. While being in the Nation of Islam, Kenneth learned how to respect himself, his people (especially the Black woman and the Black man), and not to reject nor neglect his children. The Nation of Islam taught him many things, but he felt that the Nation still did not teach or answer the questions about Slavery and the suffering of the so-called Negro. Opening the King James Version HOLY BIBLE, it was then Kenneth knew, that the Holy Book had ALL answers to every question he’s ever had. From why Slavery happened in the first place to why Black people are still suffering today. Reading the King James Version of the Holy Bible, Kenneth was able to find out who he and his people truly are, Hebrew Israelites…the REAL JEWS! Deciding to create this blog, Kenneth hopes to reach his people and bring them back to the truth. He knows that it’ll be a long journey, but that’s a journey he’s willing to take!