Just Thinking: UMMMMMMM?

The other day I went to the local food market and I bumped into my younget sister. Before I could properly greet her: normaly when we greet one another we will hung and give a kiss on the cheek. But this time the first thing my sister said to me ” What are we going to do, now that Donald Trump is the President of the United States ?” I could see the fear in her face. This fear is in the faces of most people of color, the Mexicans , Arabs, Native American Indians and especially the so-called Black man and woman, or should I say, ” African Americans ” ?

I truly do understand my sister’s fear, as well as any one of colors fear. When you reflect on President  elect Donald Trumps  speeches you could hear hidden, coded messages. It was like he was speaking to the American people, but not to the American people, only a certain group of the American population. So I understood where my sister was coming from and I think: ummmmmmmm? that the Arabs, Mexicans, Latinos, Cubans and other people of color feel the same way?

What I told my sister was this: No matter what, God was still in charge. And It was God who put now elected Donald Trump in office. Remember the will of God will be done!!!!


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